Illusion (Dragon Knights #3), Gabbie Duran

31303144Since childhood, Harlow strived to guard her emotions from the boy next door, knowing if she were to surrender to him she would risk shattering the walls she fought so hard to construct. Against all odds, Dillon triumphantly conquers her heart, but promises made are just as easily broken. Reluctantly, Dillon is forced to leave Harlow behind, vowing to one day return to reclaim her.

When fate brings them back together, Dillon discovers Harlow’s life is far from the happily ever after he always believed she deserved, and he is no longer the boy she fell in love with. He is now a knight, ready and willing to fight for her, refusing to allow the love they once shared to become nothing more than an illusion.

Illusion is Book 3 in the Dragon Knights Series, which each rock star will receive their own story. This is a full-length novel and could be read as a stand-alone.


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