The Flipside! Jessalyn’s Story (A Letting Go Series #3)

23545807Born to a prom queen turned heroin dealer that spent her life turning tricks for her next high, Jessalyn Rumley has lived a life that most people would say is too far-fetched to be true.

Getting pulled into fights between her mother and that monster left Jessalyn knowing she would be covering up bruises for days to come.

Her one saving grace from her tormented, hell storm of a life, was her grandmother. She was her safe haven. A place where the whispers and stares from the town could never touch her.

A place where she learned that sometimes in life, when you have nothing left to lose… the best way to change… is on the flipside…

This is Jessalyn’s story.

This book is a stand alone in the A Letting Go Series.

Publication Date: TBA


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